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SANUSq Health: Herbal supplements

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Our customers and friends have asked us: Why are we selling pure herbs and not extracts? Our supplements are made from pure, organic herbs that are loaded with a varying degree of bioactive compounds.

At this point, we are not selling any extract-based supplement as it involves isolating and concentrating one specific bioactive compound from each herb. This process either removes or overlooks other important components that contribute to the overall activity of the herb or the part of the herb that has been used. Standardization happens at the cost of other compounds present in the herb that are equally beneficial. At SANUSq, we strongly believe that changing the natural balance of the herb has a negative effect on its efficacy as well as safety.

Plants and medicinal herbs contain a complex combination of bioactive compounds, minerals and vitamins that have their individual health benefits. But these components work with each other in a way that maximize the benefits and minimize the side effects of the herb. This interaction of different components is responsible for its “full- spectrum” therapeutic value. It is highly uncertain whether removing and concentrating on one compound can still maintain the essence of the herb and provide all the benefits the herb is known for. Does that mean extracts are not helpful? Extracts can be immensely useful in providing support in many chronic health conditions but if you are looking to prevent disease, maintain your health and restore its natural ability to repair wear and tear, it is best to consume herbs in its most natural forms.

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Our journey has been supported by very like-minded and dedicated experts who shared our passion and interest. Dr. Ajay Kumar and Monika Tyagi, who holds a master’s degree in chemistry, leads our research and development department.

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